Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Rite Aid trip 1/31

I made it to Rite Aid yesterday before the snows! I was so proud of myself, because usually I don't make it there until the end of the week and I often miss out because of empty shelves. "Aha, it's Monday, there will be plenty of everything!" Didn't happen. They were already out of the Dixie Ultra paper plates, the smaller packs of Stayfree pads, and the Lays Stacks. (There is a deal on these that I will be adding to the Rite Aid post - on sale for $1 and get a $1 UP Reward!) Here's what I did get:

 $2.99  Edy's ice cream (reg. 5.99)
 $5.76  2 Reese's Mini 8oz bags (reg 3.99/ea - Husband is obsessed with these)
 $5.98  2 Colgate toothpaste 4oz (reg 3.69/ea)
 $5.99  Coricidin cold medicine (reg 6.99)
 $9.99  Breathe Right 26ct (reg 13.99)
 $6.99  2 Stayfree 48ct (reg 6.99/ea)
$37.70  Total before coupons (56.31 worth of stuff)
-$2.00  $2/2 Hersheys or Reese's bags from the 1/30 SmartSource
-$2.00  2 $1/1 Colgate from the 1/16 and 1/30 SmartSource
-$2.00  $2/1 Coricidin printable
-$2.50  $2.50/1 Breathe Right from the 1/30 RedPlum
-$6.00  BOGO Stayfree coupon (Max Value $6.00)
-$2.00  Coricidin Video Values store coupon
-$2.00  Breathe Right Video Values store coupon
-$1.00  Rite Aid "$1 off total purchase" Video Values coupon
$18.20 After coupons
 $2.00  Edy's UPR
 $4.00  2 Colgate UPR
 $2.00  Breathe Right UPR
 $4.00  Coricidin UPR

Paid $18.20 out of pocket ($5 in UP Rewards from a couple weeks ago, $13 in cash) for $56.31 worth of items, plus got $12 back in UP Rewards, or a net of $6.20 for everything. I will be donating the Stayfree and the toothpaste, but the ice cream is all mine!

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