Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rite Aid deals 2/6/11 - 2/12/11

There are quite a few good SCR deals this week, and I realized that I never quite explained this program. SCR is short for Rite Aid’s Single Check Rebate program. When there is a SCR available, you can redeem it one of two ways. You can pick up a flyer in the store, then fill out a form on the back and mail it in. If you choose to go this route, I assume that the Pony Express then brings you your rebate in gold doubloons, or something. Regardless, I certainly can’t help you.

Fortunately for the rest of us living in civilization, you can also request your SCR online. First, go to to set up your account. (The one thing that bugs me about Rite Aid’s website is that they cannot consolidate accounts. I have a separate login for Video Values, Wellness+, and SCRs. PITA.) Then, throughout the month, you enter your receipts on this website. At the end of the month, you request your check, and a few weeks later it arrives. (Note – they will only send one check each month, so don’t request your check until the end of February, after you have entered all your receipts.)

Now some months, my SCR check might only be a buck or two. Normally, this would not even be worth cashing. But the nice thing is that you can redeem them right at the store and use it towards your purchase, just like a gift card. So although your money is tied up a lot longer, and it’s more complicated, in essence you can work SCRs just like the +UP Rewards.

OK, on to the deals:

 $6.00  2 Finesse shampoo, conditioner, or stylers
-$5.00  Up Rewards
 $1.00  Net price for 2

 $4.99  Biotrue contact solution, 4oz
-$4.00  Up Rewards
 $0.99  Net price

$17.00  2 L’Oreal Feria hair color
-$5.00  Use $5/2 in-ad store coupon
-$4.00  Use 2 $2/1 Feria printables  OR $2/1 Any L’Oreal hair color from the 1/2 RedPlum (exp. 2/27)
 $8.00  Net price for 2

 $8.00  2 Gillette antiperspirant
-$4.00  Use BOGO Gillette deodorant from the 1/30 P&G insert (exp. 2/28)
 $4.00  Out of pocket
-$3.00  Up Rewards
 $1.00  Net price for 2

 $8.00  2 Gillette bodywash
-$4.00  Use 2 $2/1 Gillette bodywash from the 1/30 P&G insert (exp. 2/28)
 $4.00  Out of pocket
-$3.00  Up Rewards
 $1.00  Net price for 2

 $4.99  Children’s Chestal cough syrup 4.2oz
-$1.00  Use $1/1 Children’s Chestal printable
 $3.99  Out of pocket
-$4.00  Submit for $4 SCR
FREE  Net price

 $6.99  Adult Chestal Cough with honey 8.45oz
-$1.00  Use $1/1 Chestal printable
 $5.99  Out of pocket
-$6.00  Submit for $6 SCR
FREE  Net price

 $8.99  Adult Oscillococcinum
-$2.00  Use $2/1 Oscillococcinum printable
 $6.99  Out of pocket
-$8.00  Submit for $8 SCR
 $1.01  Moneymaker!

 $4.00  Buy Betty Crocker Cake Mix AND frosting
-$1.00  Use $1/2 Betty Crocker cake mix and frosting from the 1/30 SmartSource (exp. 3/26)
-$1.00  Use $1/1 Betty Crocker baking items Video Values store coupon
 $2.00  Out of pocket
-$2.00  Up Rewards
FREE Net price

 $4.99  Revitalens Multi-purpose solution
-$4.99  Submit for $4.99 SCR
FREE  Net price

 $5.99  Adult Coldcalm 60-ct
-$5.99  Submit for $5.99 SCR
FREE  Net price

 $6.99  Children’s Coldcalm 80-ct
-$1.00  Use $1/1 Children’s Oscillo, Coldcalm, or Chestal printable
 $5.99  Out of pocket
-$6.99  Submit for $6.99 SCR
 $1.00  Moneymaker!

$11.00  2 Kotex pads, liners, or tampons
-$1.50-$2.00  Use $2/2 Kotex pads OR $1.50/2 Kotex liners OR $1.50/2 Kotex tampons from the 1/16 SmartSource (exp. 2/28)
$9.00-$9.50  Out of pocket
-$4.00  Up Rewards
$5.00-$5.50  Net price for 2
(I was going to say that this deal is much better at Walgreens this week, but these are for the larger size, so they are actually comparable.)

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