Thursday, January 27, 2011

Coupon preview - great deals on Saturday only

Have I told you guys about yet? I like checking there so I know in advance whether I should plan on getting a second paper. And occasionally, you see coupons for next week that would be PERFECT for a matchup this week! What to do?

If you have a local paper that includes coupons on Saturday, and you can make it out shopping on Saturday, you are in luck. Here in central CT, you can get the Manchester Journal Inquirer or the “weekend” edition of the Hartford Courant. You might want to double check that they include all the inserts, or at least the ones you’re really interested in. This week, you are looking for TWO Red Plums. (There should be a SmartSource too, but it hasn’t been posted yet.) One will have some coupons that you can use on Saturday only to get this week’s sale prices with next week’s coupons.


Suave deodorant, Suave bodywash, or Lever 2000 2-pk bar soap, 6 for $10 and get a $3 Register Rewards
Use any of these coupons from the 1/30 RedPlum:
 $0.50/1 Lever 2-pk bar soap
 $0.75/1 Suave deodorant
 $0.25/1 Suave bodywash
That’s up to $1.50 off if you have 1 set of coupons. You pay $8.50 and get back $3 in RR, or $5.50 for 6 products.

Suave lotion, Suave shampoo or conditioner, Vaseline Intensive Care lotion, Dove 2-pk soap, Caress 2-pk soap, Caress body wash, 4 for $12 and get a $4 Register Rewards
Use any of these coupons from the 1/30 RedPlum:
 $1.00/1 Suave body lotion
 $0.50/1 Suave men’s shampoo or conditioner
 $1.00/2 Suave professionals shampoo or conditioner
 $1.00/1 Vaseline lotion
 $0.75/1 Caress body wash
Depending on which products you need, that could be up to $3.25 off from 1 set of coupons. You pay $8.75 and get back $4 in RR, or $4.75 for 4 products.


Remember how I raved about the sale prices on L’Oreal? A couple of next week’s coupons would make them even better. There will be a $1/1 Any L’Oreal lip product, and a $3/1 Any L’Oreal face cosmetic. If you haven’t gotten your Extra Bucks on this offer already, this could make for a very sweet deal.
 $7.00 L’Oreal True Match foundation
$10.00 2 lip products – Infallible lip gloss or Colour Riche lipstick @ $5 each
-$3.00 Use $3/1 L’Oreal face cosmetic from the 1/30 RedPlum
-$1.00 Use $1/1 L’Oreal lip product from the 1/30 RedPlum
-$1.00 Use $1/1 any L’Oreal product printable
$12.00 Out of pocket
-$5.00 ExtraCare Bucks
 $7.00 Net price for 3 products

 $1.99 Dove Visible Care body wash 10oz
-$1.00 Use $1/1 Dove body wash coupon from the 1/30 RedPlum
 $0.99 Out of pocket

Now I should warn you, coupon values are regional. These might not be the exact values on the coupons you get – a lot of times a $0.50/1 turns into a $1.00/2, for example.

I realize that this borders ever so slightly on the Crazy. Only do this if you need these products and were going out on Saturday anyway!


  1. Oh thank God there are Breathe-Right coupons! I am completely out and I'm getting desperate. I even tried the CVS brand. They are horrible. Please save them for me (if you don't plan on getting them yourself).

  2. I think I'm going to get 2 papers this week, so you can have the extra set. I am going to throw out the half box of "Advanced" ones that are crap and get more of the "Extra" which are magic. :-)