Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Updates and my CVS Haul!

Well, I finally made it out today and managed to hit Walgreens and CVS. I found some more deals for you, and I figured I’d share my CVS haul, since it was the more impressive. :-)


They are running a month-long Register Rewards deal on Jergens, Curel, and Biore – Buy any 2 participating products, get a $5 RR. Most of the included products are $5.99, but the 12.5oz Jergens Ultra Healing lotion is included and it’s only $4.29. So even without any coupons, you could buy 2 of these for $8.58, get back a $5 RR, and get 2 lotions for a net price of $3.58.
 (side note - does anyone know how to make blogger stop rotating my pictures?)
But! In the 1/16 SmartSource insert there was a $1/1 Jergens moisturizer coupon! If you have one coupon, your net for 2 lotions drops to $2.58. If you’re lucky enough to have 2, you get them for only $1.58 - $0.79 each.
Need pore strips? (God, yes!) There were $1/1 Biore coupons way back in October, if you still have them. They expire 1/31/11, so use them now! Also, if you currently have a box, check inside – there’s usually a coupon in the little folded insert. Then you could do this:
  1 Jergens lotion $4.29
  1 Biore pore strips $5.99
  Use $1/1 Jergens coupon
  Use $1/1 Biore coupon
  You pay $8.28
  RR -$5.00
  Net for both $3.28
This deal is good through 1/29.

Next up, there was some Sally Hansen still on clearance, although the shelves are starting to empty. I found some lip glosses for $2.19 – use the $1/1 lip product printable  to get them for $1.19.

Lots of Revlon foundation and powder on clearance, anywhere from $3.59 up. Assuming they still have your shade, you can use the $2/1 Any Revlon Face product from the 1/16 SmartSource insert to get one for $1.59. And Revlon 3D Extreme Mascara is on clearance for $5.19. Use the $1/1 Any Revlon Eye product from the 1/16 SmartSource and it’s only $4.19.


I got the $3/2 Listerine store coupon from the kiosk! Here’s a pic so you know what to look for.

There is an unadvertised moneymaker deal on Boirin Chestal Honey Cough Syrup! The 4.2oz is on sale for $5, with $5 ExtraCare Bucks. See the green sticker on the front of the box? It’s a $1 “peelie” coupon that you can use right away. You pay $4 and get back $5 in ECBs. (Sorry for the bad picture – it was on the bottom shelf and I was practically lying on the floor to take it!) You’re basically getting paid to walk out with a $7.29 cough syrup.

Several shades of Revlon nail polish were on clearance 75% off. I couldn’t get a good picture, but look for round pink 75% stickers on the tops of the bottles. Clearance price $1.32, use the $1/1 Revlon Lip or Nail product from the 1/16 SmartSource to get it for $0.32.

There was still some Sally Hansen nail polish on clearance too. 75% off price was $0.79, use the $0.50 nail color printable and it’s only $0.29.

Here’s what I did at CVS today:
$7.98  2 Listerine Zero
$4.99  Dayquil Sinex 20-ct LiquiCaps
$5.98  2 Crest toothpaste
$5.00  Chestal cough syrup
$0.79  Sally Hansen nail polish
$24.74 before coupons
-$1.00 Listerine mfr coupon
-$1.00 Listerine mfr coupon
-$4.00 Sinex mfr coupon
-$1.00 Chestal mfr coupon
-$0.50 Sally Hansen mfr coupon
-$3.00 Listerine store coupon
$14.24 out of pocket
Got back:
-$2.00 Listerine ECB
-$1.00 Sinex ECB
-$4.00 Crest ECB
-$5.00 Chestal ECB
$2.24 net!

Plus, I paid with $9.48 in ECB from last week, so I only had to hand over $4.76 in actual cash. If you don’t have any ECB, obviously your cash out of pocket will be higher… but, next week, you’ll have $12 to spend! (Also, they were sadly out of Tropical Remix Orbit at my store, so I didn't get any free gum.)

Oy! I even went grocery shopping, too, before Big Y’s sale ended for the week. I will start with the Big Y and Stop & Shop deals tomorrow or Friday, once I get this week’s sale flyers. Come on, Buy One Get Two Free sale!


  1. You boggle my mind. Will you come shopping with me some time to show me how it's done?

  2. We should have a field trip. We'll all descend on CVS en masse.