Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm NOT Crazy, I swear!

Before I get to my matchups, I wanted to share a close call that I had with borderline Crazy Couponer behavior this weekend. My a cappella group, Harmonious Soul, was at the local senior center for the RDA A Cappella Slam (we didn't win, but we had an awesome time!) So the green room for the performers was in the senior common/game room (yes, there was shuffleboard). And there, next to the magazine rack, was a big ol' stack of coupon inserts with a sign... "Coupons - Take One."

I admit it, I was tempted. Very, very tempted. That's right, I almost took coupons meant for sweet little old ladies. Luckily, I remembered that I'm supposed to NOT be a Crazy Couponer (and that there were witnesses!), and I stopped myself. Because truthfully, taking coupons from the senior center is actually a step below dumpster diving, if I'm completely honest with myself.

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