Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quick Sunday update

I'm not going to be able to post the drugstore matchups today - first, my paper did not get delivered until almost 1pm (I hate our delivery guy so so much), and then I'm heading to a birthday party this afternoon. Plus, I'm going outlet shopping with my sister tomorrow (taking advantage of all the Tanger Outlets coupon flyers over the last few weeks, plus the Gap Outlet and Banana Republic Factory coupons from today's USA Weekend). I will try to put them up as soon as possible, or at least links to the best matchups from other sites, I promise!

But in the meantime, just a couple things I wanted you to be aware of. Lynn at Maven of Savin' has posted an alert about a fraudulant Johnson & Johnson coupon. This was a $2/2 printable. If you printed this one, you should tear it up - stores will not get reimbursed for it, and most will no longer accept it. I'm not sure what the issue was - whether the original coupon was a fraud, or if they just had a problem with too many people copying it.

Second, there was supposedly a $3 off Nivea bodywash coupon on the RedPlum site that must have hit the print limit within hours, because it's already gone. This is a bummer, because there is a good deal on Nivea bodywash at RiteAid this week, if you can get your hands on 4 $3 coupons. Now normally I wouldn't even bother posting a deal like that, because most of us Non-Crazy couponers don't have 4 copies of each coupon. But there was also one in today's paper, so if you could have printed 2, then you would only have needed to get your hand on 2 from the inserts, which is doable. SO, my point in all this is to stay tuned and keep your eyes open on in case the coupon goes live again (which it might, since it went so fast).

Thanks for your patience, everyone! I will be back as soon as I can.

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