Friday, April 22, 2011

OMG April is almost over!

Sorry for the 14-yo girl freakout there, but that's what it feels like. :-) I'm going through all my coupons and I realized that I have a ton that expire 4/30 - aka a little over a week! I'd feel a little better about it if I thought that May would actually bring us spring here in CT, but I'm not very optimistic on that point.

However, the end of the month does raise a couple couponing issues:
  1. Check out all those coupons that expire next week and make sure you don't miss anything;
  2. If there are printable coupons you've been putting off printing, do it soon - they might disappear on May 1; and
  3. The deadline to view the April Rite Aid Video Values is tomorrow - Saturday the 23rd. There were some good ones, including 2 $1 off your total purchase coupons, so make sure you view those soon. Also, any coupons you earned in March will also expire after Saturday.
I am off to make a huge shopping trip - Big Y plus all 3 drugstores. Don't ask me how I was off all this week for April vacation and I'm only now managing to get my shopping done.

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